Oh yes, the 'L' here means Lima, Peru, and it's a mint eight, the largest denomination made. At 27.0 grams, I'd say it's worth 8000, roughly.



  • Fact 1: Spanish Fleet Coins were Minted throughout South America 1685 to 1751.
  • Fact 2: Coins from the period didn’t have an exact size: it was the weight, purity and amount of gold that mattered.
  • Fact 3: In 1715, an 11-ship Spanish fleet departing from Cuba was lost to a hurricane. Artifacts and coins continue to wash up on the Florida coast to this day.
  • Fact 4: The 1715 Spanish Fleet disaster is said to have cost 14 million pesos and more than a thousand lives.
  • Fact 5: In order to export back to Spain as quickly as possible, silver bars were cut into crude chunks and hand-hammered between dies. These are known as "cobs."