It looks like a genuine Gustav Dore illustrated copy, which would up the value to at least 400.



  • Fact 1: "Inferno" is the first part of Dante's "Divine Comedy", an allegory for man's path towards God.
  • Fact 2: Dante's circles of hell included Limbo, Lust, Heresy, Gluttony, Violence, Fraud and Betrayal.
  • Fact 3: The first Gustav Dore illustrated edition of "Inferno" cost about $500 in 1861.
  • Fact 4: Dante's image of Satan has him trapped in ice, weeping tears from his six eyes, and beating his frozen wings which only strengthens his prison.
  • Fact 5: Dante's companion in hell is Virgil, the Greek poet who wrote The Aeneid. Other famous Greeks are also in Dante's conception of hell, including Plato and Aristotle.