Yup, this is your classic shallow water helmet from the mid 1800's. The rivets confirm it for me, its worth at least 2000.


Fake Version: Rarity: 0%, Price: $70

1 totaly fake. 2 not a shallow water type either 3 unbelievable those previous statements. 4 made in India a few years ago.


  • Fact 1: Metal diving equipment was first used around 1837.
  • Fact 2: Before metal came into use, diving helmets were made of leather.
  • Fact 3: This type of equipment was used in shallower water to inspect the hulls of ships.
  • Fact 4: Augustus Siebe is known as the father of diving for his development of a surface-supplied diving suit.
  • Fact 5: Early diving helmets are referred to by the number of bolts they had on the neck-piece, which secured the metal helmet to the rest of the diving suit.