The signature matches up, its definitely an authentic piece. Being so pristine, this sundial is worth at least 7000.



  • Fact 1: The sundial is the world's earliest timekeeping device, developed in Egypt around 3500 B.C.
  • Fact 2: To position a sundial properly, one must first find true North or true South.
  • Fact 3: Any object whose shadow is used to determine time is called a gnomon; the term is usually applied to a style, pin, metal plate, or other shadow-casting object that is an integral part of a sundial.
  • Fact 4: Because the orbit of the earth is not perfectly circular, sundials can be off by as much as 15 minutes depending on the time of year.
  • Fact 5: The largest sundial in the world is located in Jaipur, India, and is called the "Supreme Instrument." It is 90 feet high and part of an entire facility of large-scale astronomical and cosmological instruments.