A lot of work went into etching this handle, and it's definitely silver… The handle is carved ebony, which is typical for Scotland, and the hallmarks are all right... It's an authentic 1900s piece.



  • Fact 1: The Scottish Dirk evolved from the "bollock dagger" named for its unique bulbous hilt design.
  • Fact 2: Most dirks blades are single-edged with an ornate sawtooth pattern on the opposite edge called "jimping."
  • Fact 3: Dirks were often cut-down sword blades mounted on a dagger hilt.
  • Fact 4: These knives were worn by hanging them from a leather belt known as a "frog," and were often accompanied by a smaller knife known as a “sgian dubh."
  • Fact 5: The "sgian-dubh" is traditionally worn tucked inside the kilt hose (sock) with only the upper portion of the handle visible.