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I can tell it's quite old. It looks like someone tried to clean it up with varnish. That's going to affect the value, but this is definitely real.



  • Fact 1: There were several manufacturers who produced trench knives for the U.S. Government, but Au Lion was the only foreign manufacturer.
  • Fact 2: "Au Lion" is french for "with the lion."
  • Fact 3: The nut which protrudes from the bottom of the grip holds the blade in the place is called a "skull crusher."
  • Fact 4: The french variation of this trench knife is the rarest of them all, but the American versions tend to be larger and of better quality.
  • Fact 5: Trench knives were so named because they were intended to be used in close-quarters fighting within the trenches of World War I and II.