Candy was originally used to get new offers, or make customers happier. Now, it's pretty much replaced Facebook Credits, but you still need to buy them with Facebook Credits, like Money, or you can get one once a level. One candy is worth $0.14, or 1,000 Money.

Buying CandyEdit

You can buy candy by clicking the + button on the area where it shows the candy you have. You can buy candy in increments of 5, 30, 70, 150, 400, or 1000 candies for a price. With your first candy purchase, as part of a promotion, you get an increase of 5 max customers. Not only that, but you can buy two bundles that throw in more bonuses for free. There's a third one, but it's only for a limited time. The two bundles (plus Motor Mayhem and the Parts Bundle) are;

Pawn On Bundle (costs $35.00)

  • 100 candies
  • 60,000 money
  • 5,000 Spare Parts
  • 500 Elbow Grease
  • 50 Flair

High Roller Bundle (costs $105.00)

  • 300 candies
  • 250,000 money
  • A High Roller
  • 15,000 Spare Parts
  • 1,500 Elbow Grease
  • 150 Flair

Motor Mayhem Bundle (costs $69.90)

  • 150 candies
  • 100,000 money
  • Unlocks The Lot
  • 10,000 Spare Parts
  • 1,000 Elbow Grease
  • 100 Flair
  • 2 Lot Expansions

Parts Bundle (costs 150 candies)

  • 5,000 Spare Parts
  • 500 Elbow Grease
  • 50 Flair


Candy has a lot of uses. It can

  1. Make customers happier.
  2. Buy Premium Items such as Decorations or Clerks.
  3. Instantly get a bonus.
  4. Instantly get a new offer on items.
  5. Choose alternative restoration options, increasing the value or speed.
  6. Completing Collections early
  7. Instantly finishing Tasks

How to Get CandiesEdit

There are 6 ways you can get candy.

  1. Level up, and you will get 1 candy per level.
  2. Buy the Gumball Machine, and you can get 1 Candy every 8 hours.
  3. Buying candy using money.
  4. Get on the game 7 days in a row.
  5. Spinning the wheel will rarely give you some candy.
  6. Watching videos and other offers will give you candy.
  7. On higher levels, the Pot of Gold and the Haunted Door will give you candy.

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