Clerks are important in Pawn Stars: The Game. You need one to run your shop for you.

Buying ClerksEdit

When you start, there are 10 different clerks that are free for you to select and change between. To get more, you must pay money or use candies to buy premium clerks. Many clerks also have a level requirement.


Each clerk has varying levels or amounts of each statistic.


Intelligence determines how much the bonus meter will fill up if you buy an item.


Friendliness determines how low the Happiness will go if you haggle too low.


Salesmanship determines how much money you get from a sold item.


Many clerks also have a specialty. This can be in any one of the in game item categories.

Comparison TableEdit


 category    = Clerks
 notcategory = Unknown
 includepage = {Infobox Clerk}:friendliness:intelligence:salesmanship:cost