Experts were added on October 10th, 2012. Using Candy or money, you can buy experts that can help improve profits for your store. They can be accessed from a speed dial, which normally has three slots. You can buy a fourth slot  for 10 candies. As you use the experts more, they can acquire new abilities. To see a list of the current experts, go here.  A table indicating what items each expert can be used on can be found here.


Various experts, depending on their profession, can do various abilities that can help improve the value on items.

Appraising ItemsEdit

Any expert can appraise any item within their speciality, taking 1 hour to recharge between appraisals. It can either be authentic, meaning it will increase in value, or it will be fake. This is the only thing experts can do if they are at level 1.

Qualified BuyerEdit

Some experts can call one of their friends to buy your item, getting huge profits from it. However, it takes 5 hours to fully complete.

Test FiringEdit

Test firing
Military and Weapons experts can test fire a gun. If it shoots, the value goes up, but if it doesn't work, it goes down.

Speed Up RestorationEdit

Faster restoration
Vehicles experts will speed up a restoration by 30 minutes, or complete a restoration if time remaining is less than 30 minutes.

Rare FindEdit

Some experts can find a rare item or decoration, but it takes 8 hours to complete.

Intelligence Level UpEdit

Andimus can increase intelligence levels of any chosen item in the shop freely by one (up to level 4).  But it takes 18 hours before he can be summoned again.