Happiness is a factor in customers. Whenever a customer walks in, their Happiness will be different depending on what kind of customer they are or what Improvements you have. Happiness can change while haggling in one of two ways; low-balling a customer or giving a customer Candy.

Levels of HappinessEdit


Other than Assassin Wei, it's rare to see a customer with an Angry level.


The only known customers that normally walk in with a Bored level are the Cowboy and the Track-Suit Guy.


Most (or some) of the customers walk in with a Content level.


The Happy level only happens commonly to Hippie Woman, sometimes to Hawaiian Shirt Man, and rarely to The Tattoo Guy.

Very HappyEdit

It is really rare for a customer to walk in with a very happy status, but it's common for a High Roller.


Only High Rollers can walk in the store with a overjoyed happiness. Also, when a friend visits a pawn shop and clicks on a customer, they will become Overjoyed.