Items are the most important thing in Pawn Stars: The Game. Every 4 minutes, a customer will walk in with a item. Normally, it will be at a price higher than the actual price it is sold for, so you haggle for it. If you and the customer reach a price, you get the item. If you don't, then their patience will go down. After getting the item, you can sell it for a higher price. For a list of all items, see List of Items.


Every time you buy a item, your knowledge on the item goes up. When it's meter reaches full, you will learn one of the four bonuses:

  1. You always knowing the value
  2. The item worth more prestige
  3. The item selling for more money
  4. The item selling faster

You can buy a full meter, starting with cash and then being Candy for the remaining 3.