Promotions are temporary upgrades for your store, giving you a boost in max customers, the time it takes for customers to appear, and the amount of prestige you get. You can get one promotion by buying it in the Shop for 8 candy, or winning it on the Prize Wheel.

List of PromotionsEdit

Double Customer FlowEdit

Double flow
This promotion halves the time a customer enters the store (without enhancements, every 2 and a half minutes, a customer will walk in)fuck.

Double Max CustomersEdit

Double customers
This promotion doubles the amount of customers that walk into the store (meaning 10 would be 20, 12 would be 24, etc).

Double Prestige GainedEdit

Double prestiege
This promotion doubles the amount of prestige you can get from an item (meaning 400 would be 800, 200 would be 400, etc).

High Roller CustomerEdit

This promotion attracts a High Roller to your store. See the High Roller page for more info.