Restorations were added to the game on December 9th, 2011. Sometimes, a customer will walk in with a damaged item. When bought, you are given the options to restore it or break it down for parts. If you decide to restore the item, then you must have enough Spare Parts, Elbow Grease, Money and (less commonly) Flair to restore the item. Or, you can use candy to give it to a professional. All restorations three or more tiers. If you decide to break down the item for parts, then you will get more Spare Parts, Elbow Grease, cash, and (less commonly) Flair. 1 Spare Part is worth $0.66, while Elbow Grease and Flair are worth $7.81 and $51.74, respectively.

You can get Restoration Parts by breaking down Restorable items, winning them on the Prize Wheel, buying them with Candies, or earning them by completing certain tiers in restorations.