"The emblem is stamped and has the right weight… I'd say this is worth 100."



  • Fact 1: This type of Russian police hat was created in 1917 for the Bolshevik "Workers' and Peasants' Militsiya."
  • Fact 2: Until 1936, the People's Militsyia troops had no personal ranks. They were organized by position, much like the Red Army.
  • Fact 3: A 2005 poll showed that 41% of the Russian population fears the Militsiya more than organized crime.
  • Fact 4: In August 2010, steps were taken to reform and centralize the funding of the Militsiya, and it's name was changed to "Police."
  • Fact 5: The Militsiya made use of conscripts, often pressing citizens into service for mundane tasks like patrolling, crowd control, or cordoning.